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Technical info:

Production: burnishing 1300 b/h thermal head 2000 b/h
Size: 2250 x 1100 x 1650h mm
Net weight: 300 kg
Worktop: 1000mm ±
Motor: 1 Kw
step motor

max : 3 station


Designed to apply the following adhesive labels:

  • label and back label on round bottles
  • patented system to apply DOCG biadhesive neck or vertical stripe


Other technical features:

  • Special capsule closure rolling system with a special cam device for a perfect rolling;
  • Capsule closure system with thermal head;
  • Capsule distributor with shaft;
  • Plateau capsule distributor;
  • Automatic positioning system according to notch;
  • Automatic positioning system according to label or cap;
  • Additional equipment with endless screw for different kinds of bottle shapes.